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Posted by panda on April 5, 2010

Wanted to update my blog with all the happenings and the pictures yesterday but was too tired to do so.
It seemed that the weekend is gone in a flash..

Let me try to recall what I did..
1. One of my friends popped over in the afternoon on Friday
2. One of my colleagues popped over in the late afternoon on Saturaday followed by a dinner with my neighbours
3. On sunday, I watched “Clashed of the Titians – 3D” at tampines. It was just a so-so show and I felt that it is not really worth it watching the 3D version. Firstly, there are not much 3D effects, secondly, the fighting scenes not that great and I prefered “Percy and the lighting thief” (Both shows talked about Zesus’s son and the greek gods but the storyline is quite different)

I slept at 10pm on Sunday (I cannot believe it!!) but I did not have a good sleep.
Could be next day is Monday and I dread going to work on Mondays >.<

I will update everything by this weekend and keep everything updated from then onwards 🙂
Longer I take to update my blog, the more stuff I will forget…


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