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Half day

Posted by panda on February 12, 2010

Went back to work today and the moment I stepped into the office, my colleague informed me that we are given half day leave today ^^
Great! At least now I can find some time to go and buy my steamboat. Actually I have a lot of undone work today but I decided to go ahead with my shopping of the steamboat and “tabao” homework back home to do… 😦

I like eating steamboat but I seldom get to eat it. This time round, I have decided to buy my own steamboat! I will find all sort of excuse to eat steamboat in future!! HAHAHA!!! ^^

I finally bought a steamboat at Plaza SG and took a cab home…

Imagine my surprise when I reach home only to find my living room floor was covered with plastic bags!!
Yes, hubby is packing them. Now then I realise I have so many plastic bags.
I should have taken a picture of it. It is not everyday you will find the living room covered totally with plastic bags..


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