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Posted by panda on January 26, 2010

Realised I have a lot of draft copies of my blog enteries in my email. Copies which I wanted to send but did not. Really really need to backtrack and get everything in order

Next week I will officially start doing stuff on my own. Good luck to me.

This morning in my state of half awakeness, I deleted partial of my work and saved it. Now I am trying to undo all the damage I did.


Went to watch Universal Soldier last night, courtesy of New Paper. Yes I took part in the contest and won two tickets. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I won tickets from TNP.
The show was rated NC-16 for a reason – it was a violent film with lots of blood and body parts. I guess I am not so into such stuff. Maybe guys will prefer it?

Tonight I am going for a Muay Thai trial class, I will see how it goes before deciding if I am going to sign up for it.

I just realised CNY is coming. It is about 2-3 weeks away. I have yet to start packing!!!
Must start this weekend.


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