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Last year

Posted by panda on January 3, 2010

Updates of what I did last year from this list. Seems I did nothing much

Things to buy
1. Specs (Red/blue/orange/purple. I just want loud colors) Got it
2. Weighing machine – Got it (Using it daily; thinks one day it will show me a msg “one at a time please”)
3. Walking shoes Got it
4. Court Shoes – KIV
5. Earrings – Got it
6. Sports sandals – KIV
7. Sewing machine – Got it
8. 2 new office bags and 1 pouch – Got the pouch and 1 new bag
9. New clothes (For office wear but this definitely can wait) – Got it
10. My foundation!! Got it
11. Ironing board (For ironing clothes la) – Got it
12. Trolley (Grocery shopping) – Old one still usable
13. Handphone cover for my phone (must be red) – Got it

Things to be done

1. Sort all the songs in my Iphone – WIP done 20%
2. Input all the chinese titles for the songs – WIP done 5%
3. Get stuff on my wants/needs list – Refer to the above post
4. Get a life – Trying
5. Get my job done – Gave up
6. Fire my company – Changed new department (sister company)
7. Lost weight and become fit – Lost some and gained some back
8. Get a brain – Trying hard
9. Figure out how to customize my blog – I really feel I am an idiot at this – 0% done.
10. Cut and color my hair!!! – Did it
11. Regulate my sleep – Trying to sleep earlier now


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