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Another gathering

Posted by panda on December 27, 2009

I slept at around 6am this morning. My friends went home at around 2am and as usual, I stayed up to sort of clean up the house. Guess I have been too busy over the weekend and every action I did was in slow motion. That explains the reason I need 4 hours to clean up the house. Yes, another group of my friends are coming over today.

This time round, I ordered some food and another of my friend bought pizza. I thought there were not enough food but strangely enough, there were still left over. It is a hot day, my living room is like a hot oven. It is December, it should be cooling but it wasnt. Well, take it that I am baking humans ba.

One of my friend suggested mahjong and I agreed readily, it is a chance to hide in the airconditioned room for at least 2 hours. Today, my luck was not good, my cards were beautiful but I just could not win. After the first round, I gave up my seat and ask my hubby to take over. I went out to play with my friend’s 2 gals and bought them over to my neighbour place to play with their boy. Kids are kids, one moment they are snatching each other stuff and the next moment they are sharing their stuff. How good it can be if adults be like kids, forget unhappiness, forget anger and just be someone innocent and true to each other. Anyway, we bought the 2 kids back after half hour because we wanted to check on the progress of the mahjong session. Apparently, I lost too much and my hubby was not able to win back much but we did not lose much.

My friends left at around 7pm and a few of them joined me for dinner. When I reach home, I am totally exhausted. I had such a busy weekend but I put on weight!!!!


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