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Trips round Singapore

Posted by panda on December 12, 2009

I do not feel like going out today but I have to make a trip to exchange my newly bought HP charger. It does not work!!!

1st trip:
I went to down to Sengkang only to be told that they do not do exchanges and I have to make another trip down to one of the service centers and the only one that is still open is at Funan. They did test my charger but it is not working.

2nd Trip:
I went home, eat my late lunch and took a cab down to Funan. I had to make the trip home because I need to pick up something from home.

3rd Trip:
I reach Funan and only to be told that their service centre only deals with ipods’ accessories and not iphone accessories. From my limited knowledge, ipod and iphone use the same charger. After much explanation, the lady told me that she will help me out of good will and repeated that this is not a service center for iphone accessories!!! She took my box and tore the box to take out the charger and took both of my charger and my invoice and disappeared for ten minutes. After she came out, she repeated again that this service center deals with only ipod accessories. Oh yes, I have to emphasis that I kept repeating that ipod and iphone use the same type of charger.

She told me that the adaptor is the only thing she can send for repair because they do not have warranty for rest of the universal plugs. Great, why on earth did I buy the whole full set of universal world travel adapter kit if they only give warranty for only that common adapter? Yes, she repeated her favorite words again; they only deal with ipod accessories. Then, she actually asked for my invoice and my warranty card. I was like, “you took it earlier” and she insisted she did not. I told her to go and look for it and she only came back about ten minutes later with my invoice and she did not say anything, except to ask for my warranty card and questioned me if the warranty covers this. I told her that she saw the warranty earlier. Her answer was that she did not see it and there are a lot of fakes out there and she is not sure if mine is original. This is after she looked at my warranty booklet, took my original invoice and went in with my full set of travel adapter kit. I ignored her and ask her what is wrong with my kit and she said it is the adapter problem but she is not sure. I asked her if she did test and her answer was silence. I really wonder what she did during her disappearance act. I made her check everything in front of me and we figured out that the adapter was faulty.

She finally decided to raise a case for me and informed me that it will take 4 working days and it might even take longer. I told her that this is a brand new set and I need it 2 days later as I am going on another trip. Then she started her favorite words again, followed by, “you should get it exchange at the shop you bought from and should not come here because ….. (same favorite words)”. I was quite fed up because I just returned from my trip and all I want to do is to sleep. While she was raising the case, I made a call to the shop I bought the kit from, explain everything to them again and ask them to help me think of a way to get my kit back early. They informed me that they need to call their supervisor to check before they can get an answer. Five minutes later, they returned call to inform me that they can do 1 to 1 exchange but they do not have stock. They offered to call all branches to check if there is available stock elsewhere. I clearly remembered that there was 1 box left at their store when I left that place 2 hours earlier. 5 minutes later, they returned call only to inform me that I need to make a trip down to Tampines for the exchange. They reminded me to provide them with a case number and case invoice to prove that there is something wrong with the kit before I can do exchanges. I got everything back from the service center lady and saw that she actually left marker ink on my charger. >.<

4th trip
I went down to Tampines and this time, the exchange was smooth. I checked everything it was working properly.

5th trip
I went down to Kovan to pass my friend something.

6th trip
I went home with dinner.

I am so tired.


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