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On leave

Posted by panda on December 4, 2009

Officially on leave … the feeling is strange.
There is a new beginning for me on 21st Dec.. how would I fare, I do not know..

Old job, I kind of miss it
Been in this department for more than 2 years, I just feel sad leaving everything behind…
I made quite a number of friends here and did really learn a lot.
The thing I do not miss is those crazy hours.

New job, I kind of fear it..
A lot of new job responsibilites. Things I have never touched before…
Going into a new department and straight into their most busy time of the year..

Well, new beginning for me.
Good Luck


One Response to “On leave”

  1. Pat Pat said

    I understand how you feel, cause this is exactly what I’m going through now… Worst still, when everyone is busy, I’m going on leave, coz I just die die need to clear it (at least, that was what my new boss told me).

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