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Posted by panda on November 19, 2009

I went for my 全身推拿 yesterday afternoon during lunch time.
Last night I could not sleep well.
My whole back hurts.
I had to 趴着睡 and it is so uncomfortable (真的有那种感觉我快真的变成趴趴熊了).
The good thing that came out of the 推拿was that my lower back does not hurt so much as compared to the past two weeks. However there the pain on my shoulders is really almost unbearable as force was applied on my shoulders and part of my back to help me to reduce the size of the bigger pieces of痧 inside my body.
I did刮痧 on my back during the 推拿 yesterday and ssurprising, it does not hurt at all. I think it could be due to the earlier 推拿手法太重and thus the pain from the 推拿 if greater than that from刮痧.
The comments on I received was that my blood circulation is not good and right and left side of the body is not balance, 我发热 and 我很会忍痛。

This morning, my whole back is stiff and I can feel that one part of my shoulder is swollen.
Changing into my office clothes hurt because I had to stretch.
I dare not lean back during my bus ride this morning because it hurts. Similarly, now I am in office, I dare not lean back in my seat or move too much.
In short, partial neck hurt, shoulder painful, part of the back is very tender.
I learnt a new equation, touch = pain.
Whoever hits or touches my back for these few days is going to get it from me.

Will I go again?
Yes because I did see the benefits but this time round, I will request for less force.


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