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Brain on leave

Posted by panda on November 11, 2009

I have been in a buay song mood for the past few days and NO it is not PMS (maybe postPMS). No mood to work, no mood to play, no mood to do anything.

Anyway I started sneezing non stop at work today again. Guess my body is telling me, slow down and take a break. (I rather take it that I am allergic to work). I hate sneezing; my brain does not seem to work at all. One second I thought of something, the next second I forgot everything. It is real irritating. I do not remember as much things (or rather, I do not remember anything at all) when I am having a “sneezing” day.

I wanted to write a lot of stuff but I cannot recall anything which I wanted to write. I think I was supposed to write where I went yesterday but I cannot remember. I told my friends I want to tell them stuff but as you guessed, I cannot remember ….

Ok, that is it. My brain is officially on leave but nothing goes in and out of it now (think my brain on strike for overworking it). I am going to sleep now and hopefully this sneezing thingy does not drag till tomorrow. I know I have tons to do in office tomorrow (actually work should be the first thing I forget but then not in this case 😦 ).

I feel so sleepy and tired now.

Good night.

p.s. ate all sort of sweets (vapors, fisherman etc) today and drank tea but it does not seem to work. Maybe sleep is the best medicine.


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