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Posted by panda on November 6, 2009

Today is Friday!

Another mad rush for me this morning as I woke up late again. Luckily, I managed the bus again even though I was late. (Yes, bus late but this time round, I had to run for the bus).

Happened to meet my ex colleague while buying breakfast and we had a short but good chat.

Had to rush for the 12pm cut off and I did not manage to upload everything up. The numbers which I uploaded yesterday did not turn out right so I had to amend everything again. Haiz.

Met up Ms Piggy and Princess for lunch today and the food today was not very good. I saw princess “blink blink” toes nails and I could not take my eyes away from it. It was really wow. It was nice catching up with them. Ms Piggy is as cute as ever and Princess is just as gentle and so princess like.

I want to catch the show “Love Happens”. It seems everyone else had caught that show.

I have a 4pm and a 5.30pm deadline to meet today again. There might be a chance I need to come back to work tomorrow but I do not want. I am so tired.

I have so many stuff to write, however I have been too busy and tired to do it. I need a life.

Actually I have one month left. So why bother?

Time to go back to work.


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